People Editors' Picks: OmMade Peanut Butter

People Editors' Picks: The Foods, Snacks & Drinks We Recommend to Everyone

PEOPLE's food and lifestyle editors are constantly tasting all the new ingredients, snacks, drinks and desserts on the market. (Tough job, we know.) These are the ones that deserve a spot on your shopping list.

OmMade With Love Peanut Butter

This peanut butter is the real deal. Made with local Virginia peanuts by founder Radhika Murari, these preservative-free spreads have the dreamy-creamy texture and deep nutty flavors that are often missing from other natural peanut butters. You know what else is missing? That oily, gritty, crumbly, must-stir-for-5-minutes mixture that makes getting your PB&J fix more of a hassle. But what makes this peanut butter truly stand out is their knock-out flavors. Their range includes regular, sweet and savory blends—everything from I Dream of Creamy and Chocolate Delight to Vibrant Turmeric and Chai Nirvana. Our suggestion: Don't sleep on the Espresso Ecstasy, literally! There's a shot of pure espresso powder mixed in, and it's a true winner. $9 and up; or at select Whole Foods stores. 

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