Cool Packing Peanuts, dude!

Wow! What's up with these cool packing peanuts in my OmMade order? And can my pupper keep eating them?

Puppers sure do like to chow down on our compostable packing peanuts (CPP)! While we don’t recommend that your pupper make this part of their regular diet, our CPP is starch-based and non-toxic.

Even more important for the environment, the CPP is certified compostable according to ASTM D6400 (USA) and EN 13432 (Europe). Plus, it disintegrates in water without polluting groundwater resources and leaves no harmful residue.

 So, while we do not recommend your pupper eats the CPP, it won’t be worse than the 17-year cicadas they ate!

Kiddo Science Alert: If you have kiddos around, do a little experiment with them – get them to stir the CPP in a glass of clean water and watch it disappear. Or (for more shrieking fun!) turn on the tap and get them to crush the CPP under the water and watch their faces as it disappears!

Bonus Footage: We used to have to drive 2 hours each way to pick up bags & bags of CPP (we get it delivered now because we got fancy)! See our last road trip and the school bus we borrowed for the occasion: