OmMade Testimonials

Melissa R just got a gorgeous gift box of OmMade Peanut Butter!

Melissa R of Virginia

Meg D has found her new favorite OmMade Peanut Butter, Mint Magic!

Meg D of Virginia

Anna G of Virginia says that OmMade Chai Nirvana is so good, we must put magical unicorn tears in it! We don't, but we do know it is to chai for! See what Anne says about her favorite peanut butter!

Anna G of Virginia

JS has only one thing to say about OmMade Peanut Butter....mmmmm. We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

JS of Wash, DC

Petra S never liked peanut butter, until she tasted OmMade peanut butter. See what she has to say about OmMade Coconut Bliss!

Petra S of Great Falls, VA